What’s up in Cali

CMP was a huge success for the California region this year. Going into champs many California teams were expected to perform very well including 254, 1678, 971, 399, 1717, 973, 2485, 846, 3476, 1538, 1323, 330, 1671, 294, and the
Review of SVR 2014 SVR is often one of the most competitive events in FRC. This year was no exception. Big name teams including 254, 368, 971, 1678, 846, and 1323 duked it out pushing the crowd to the edge
California Week 6 events preview This field at SVR is stacking up to be one of the most competitive in the history of the event. The reigning champion of Silicon Valley, 254, is coming in off an impressive win at