Week 3 Recap

Kansas City Regional

Last Week’s Predictions

  • #1 Seed: 118
  • Winning Alliance: 118   1986   1939
  • Chairman’s: 1730
  • Engineering Inspiration: 3172


  • #1 Seed: 118
  • Winning Alliance: 118   1986   1723
  • Chairman’s: 3528
  • Engineering Inspiration: 932
  • Wild Card Recipients: 1775, 1806 (118, 1986)


Well, as I expected, 118 and 1986 pairing up would be a deadly combination. These two teams, along with their 2nd pick 1723 , for the most part coasted to a regional victory. 118 had their undefeated record through this year was squashed in the 2nd finals match 238-205 due to, you guessed it, technical fouls. Fouls continued to be an issue at this regional and almost cost 118 and 1986 the regional to 1806 , 935 , and 1775 . Titanium and the Robonauts were able to eek out a 145-140 win in the rubber match in another foul-plagued match to take the trophy.

Overall, the level of play at this regional was quite high. Besides 118 and 1986 , there were quite a few other teams who performed quite well, even with GKC being the first regional for some. 1806 improved even more off of their first regional, and worked well as a truss role player and a finisher. Of course the finals really only mattered for the 2nd pick on either alliance as both 1806 and 1775 were already going to be headed to Worlds due to the Wild Cards that 1986 and 118 would provide. 1730 and 3928 looked like potential strong players, and could be major factors in their next respective regionals.

Congrats to team 3528 Up Next on winning Chairman’s this year. I first saw 3528 at GKC in 2012 when my team was competing there, and I was very impressed with them, as they were rookies that year. Not only did they have a highly competitive and unique robot, but they won Engineering Excellence and seemed like a very well put together team. It will be great to see them at the World Championships, along with team 932 who walked away with the Engineering Inspiration.

Overall, I think this was definitely one of the most competitive regionals that have occurred this year, and definitely had the most exciting elimination matches of the year by far, even if it was due to the annoying foul and pedestal issues.

St. Louis Regional

Last Week’s Predictions

  • #1 Seed: 1985
  • Winning Alliance: 1985   1208   1094
  • Chairman’s: 1208
  • Engineering Inspiration: 1985


  • #1 Seed: 1501
  • Winning Alliance: 1501   4500   3284
  • Chairman’s: 3284
  • Engineering Inspiration: 2978
  • Wild Card Recipients: 4256 (4500)


Well, I whiffed  on my predictions for this regional, although I did come close a couple times. Clearly the two most successful teams walking away from this regional have to be 3284 who were Regional Champions and Chairman’s Award winners, and 1501 , who were the #1 seed after qualifications as well as Regional Champions.

Both of these teams looked pretty strong, and didn’t have too much of an issue walking away with the win. It also helped that they had 4500 on their team, who had just come off a regional win with 16 at Arkansas. This of course provides a Wild Card to the finalist alliance captain 4256 , who will now be returning to t. Louis later this year.

1501 could be a strong favorite going into their next regional at Pittsburgh as they could still improve their performance. This was 3284 ‘s second regional after Central Illinois so they’ll be getting ready for their second trip to St. Louis now.

Overall, while I don’t think this was the strongest regional showing by far, the talent level of the robots definitely separated more then I expected and we were able to see some offensive carried out a little bit more then I expected, however hard hitting defense and fouls still controlled things quite a bit.

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